A Chemo Haiku

I am tired so let’s make today’s short and sweet, shall we?

I like to think of chemotherapy as napalm for cancer. Because napalm conjures flamethrower warfare, however, perhaps Agent Orange is a more apt metaphor. Particularly since it was a defoliant.

Of course, that chemo nukes the patient is somewhat problematic, but I can handle it. Just get in there and kill any fast growing cell you find and be done with it. Death to the old bad cells. And, alas, to a lot of the old good┬ácells. But lo, this brings me to today’s submission: a chemo haiku.

The ultimate spring cleaning
A new me will blossom

Thank you, Kate, for inspiring today’s blog with a picture of angelique tulips bursting forth. Now if only this crap, London weather would improve I might see some blossoming in my own garden in the near future.