A Chemo Haiku

I am tired so let’s make today’s short and sweet, shall we?

I like to think of chemotherapy as napalm for cancer. Because napalm conjures flamethrower warfare, however, perhaps Agent Orange is a more apt metaphor. Particularly since it was a defoliant.

Of course, that chemo nukes the patient is somewhat problematic, but I can handle it. Just get in there and kill any fast growing cell you find and be done with it. Death to the old bad cells. And, alas, to a lot of the old good cells. But lo, this brings me to today’s submission: a chemo haiku.

The ultimate spring cleaning
A new me will blossom

Thank you, Kate, for inspiring today’s blog with a picture of angelique tulips bursting forth. Now if only this crap, London weather would improve I might see some blossoming in my own garden in the near future.

5 thoughts on “A Chemo Haiku

  1. Yes. Out with the old, in with the new. Bittersweet, indeed. Yet Ma Nature does it so beautifully. So, too, do you.

  2. I had only 6 chemotherapy sessions. Each one began with 2 hours of hydration, then an hour of steroids and anti-nausea drugs, and THEN the hour of Cisplatin before two final hours of hydration. Every week, when they’d start the Cisplatin, my mum would say, “Go get that tumor!!” I always thought it was a little hokey, but at the same time, I liked the idea of that clear liquid running through my veins and chasing that thing away.

    And the new me that did blossom at the end of it all is, quite honestly, the person I always wished I was.


  3. Oh my gosh, i love haiku! i i write them often while riding my bike:-) Oh and you don’t know me from adam, but, i read about your blog on my dear friend Phoebe’s blog, “Positively Phoebe”:-) She kicked her stupid cancer’s ASS and i have no doubt you will as well. Positivity and support are the keys and from your writings i can tell you have both in bucketsfull! I’m so glad Phoebe found you- she is the most positive (yet realistic! no namby-pamby cloying insincerity, ever!) friend i’ve had in my entire life. I hope her story will help to cancel out the silly scone-woman BS. I also know there will be plenty of other stupid remarks; now that you see them coming i am certain you have the wit and strength to send these folks packing! You will KILL that stupid fucking cancer, dear, you will KILL it.

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