Salt ‘N’ Pepper Chia Pet

If you are American and of a certain age and owned a television and/or visited a K-Mart growing up then you will remember the oh-so-wonderful (and giftable) Chia Pet. Here, let me refresh your recollection: click on this.

I am thinking about going to one of those make your own pottery places and doing up a head to resemble myself and then putting some seeds on that sucker and filling it up with water. Because I have been feeling sort of Chia Pet-like these past few days. But instead of green, it’s salt ‘n’ pepper chia. And it isn’t nearly as fast. I just spent the better part of an hour scrutinising my scalp to try to determine whether the itty bitty fuzzy regrowth I see is predominantly white. Under overhead lights it looks white. But in the magnifying mirror there appears to be a lot of pepper mixed in, thank God. We’ll see how it looks in a few weeks.

One extremely troublesome wrinkle is that there doesn’t seem to be any regrowth to speak of in the middle of my head. I hope it is just growing at a different pace. Because a hairdo approximating male-pattern baldness (no offence to those who suffer from it) is not the post-cancer treatment look of my dreams.

In other news I counted my eyebrows and eyelashes today, which persist in falling out five weeks after my last chemo treatment. I guess they are on their own schedule. Oh sorry — I only did the right side on which there are fourteen eyelashes — wait, make that thirteen. Dang. And twenty-four eyebrows. Trust me; this is not a lot. Drawing on the eyebrows with pencil has become sort of a daily experiment. I change it up a little every time. Not really on purpose but because I am still not used to it. One day I may just do Bozo the Clown or Bert from Sesame Street.

The benefit to all of this is that I hope to do a chemo makeover “how to” video pretty soon. I have to get on it before everything grows back. I have never done a video so expect really low budget (like it might just be me trying to film on my iPhone while applying eyeliner to myself in bad lighting) but the point is to get it up so that other women who might like a little guidance can have a look at some techniques from a real live cancer patient. Or at least it might provide a good laugh.

Meanwhile let me lay it out there for you. The “before” pic. This is what I look like right now without a single bit of make-up on. It’s dark so you can’t see my chia regrowth. Strange, hmmm? I can’t even remember what I looked like without examining pre-chemo photos. But I know it’s still me in there somewhere. Killing it.



7 thoughts on “Salt ‘N’ Pepper Chia Pet

  1. You are beautiful and inspiring. I was at Choate today thinking of you…you are killing it- cancer and the chia pet look. Xxii dear friend.

  2. Ok I’ve said it multiple times. You’re amazing and inspiring and…hilarious. The thumb, the hair.. laughing and crying. Had to catch up after being out of town. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Dude, you’re gorgeous. Seriously. I’m not just saying that in a “you have a beautiful spirit and you’re so strong” sort of way. Not that you don’t or aren’t. But for real. You’re a babe even as a baldie. And you’ll be a babe if you end up saltier than pepperier. (I actually aspire to look like an artist friend of mine, Michelle Muldrow – check out her photos on my facebook – she is the epitome of hot stuff rocking the salty locks!) But yeah. You’re a beauty. Some of my sketchy skinhead friends would probably goop their bloomers lookin’ at you! šŸ˜‰

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